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>> Thursday, 24 June 2010

Some may say that writing an entry tenuously linking food and, ahem, sex is a blatant attempt to get more people to find my page in may be right but go with me a little.....

I think the way people react to food is a very personal thing. Some people get giddy over chocolate, some weep for cheese and some hanker for a nice, juicy steak over all else. I think I'm still finding my true food love but there are certainly some things that fill my head, heart and tummy with happiness.

There are foods that make me smile (soft piles of marshmallows), some that provide comforting warmth (silky, smooth risottos) and some that make me want to feel the sun on my skin, reach for the wine glass and laugh uncontrollably with loved ones. It's this food that I think of as sexy food.

My requirements for sexy food are quite specific:
  1. It must promise pleasure on the plate
  2. It's flavours must surprise
  3. It's textures must interest
  4. It must be light in the mouth and light in the tummy
  5. It must inspire thoughts of summer
  6. It must take very little effort and not detract from all the fun that will ensue
A hard task! However, I'm not prescriptive on what course this applies to. It could as easily be an elderflower granita for dessert as a whole, roasted sea bream for main. So, here I share a few of the side dishes I consider to meet the bill:

  • Roasted red pepper, goats cheese, walnut and honey
  • Baked fennel, stuffed with orange and feta breadcrumbs

It was only after a little research that I realised there may be a little bit more in the appeal of these dishes than meets the eye! Both fennel and honey are natural aphrodisiacs, popularised by the Egyptians. Well.... if it was good enough for Cleopatra.....

Red Pepper, Goats Cheese Walnut and Honey Salad (serves 2)

2 long red peppers
2 handfuls of large walnuts
100g soft, crumbly goats cheese
2 tablespoons best honery
salad leaves (to serve)

Step 1: Halve and deseed peppers

Step 2: Place peppers on a lightly oiled baking tray and bake in the oven (160c) for 10-15 minutes until softening

Step 3: Sprinkle goats cheese and walnuts over the peppers and roast for 10 minutes (careful the walnuts don't burn)

Step 4: Remove from the oven, season lightly and serve warm drizzled with honey

Baked fennel, stuffed with orange and feta breadcrumbs (serves 2)
2 fennel bulbs
olive oil
1 orange
50g feta
100g dried breadcrumbs
orange slices (to serve - optional)
Step 1: Halve the bulbs and remove the core to create a sort of fennel bowl
Step 2: Drizzle over oil, season, cover with foil and roast for 15 mins (160c)
Step 3: Whislt roasting, zest and juice the orange. Mix zest, half the juice, feta, glug of oil and breadcrumbs together to make a fragrant, mouldable stuffing (if it's too dry, add more juice/oil). Season to taste.
Step 4: Remove the foil from the fennel and press the stuffing into the bulb cavity. Roast for 15 minutes until the stuffing is golden and crispy.
Step 5: Serve with slices of orange
I've reverting to type with my next post.... the waist-expanding delights of Pavlova Supernova!
Helen x

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