A politically relevent birthday cake!

>> Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So...giant news...Tomorrow is a big day!

It's my birthday (and the slightly more well known event of the General Election...).

I have decided to mark the event by making a political birthday cake (inspired by Whisk Kid's chocolate and mango cake):

I should point out that I have not attempted any party allegiance in my positioning of the layers!!

Clearly just a bit of fun, but you could create a more sophisticated version with chocolate and vanilla layers and maybe a coffee cream icing. I used the same sponge recipe I've detailed in the 'best ever lemon cake' recipe (e-mail me at helen@feedahappylife.co.uk if you can't find it) and simply added the required amount of natural food colouring to get the right colour.

It did require quite a lot of icing to cover the mammoth size of the cake (just don't think about calories!) and I used the recipe/quantity below to cover the outside and sandwich the layers together.

500g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
600g Icing Sugar
180g Soft butter

1. Mix all ingredients together until smooth and desired consistency achieved

You can adjust the quantities quite easily though for taste and also runny-ness. It tends to be very sticky to begin with, but sets somewhat overnight. I'd really like to try American Frosting, which is a very different recipe but makes cakes look like they are surrounded by billowing clouds! One day soon...

Cake making and birthday news aside, I've got some exciting food activity coming up! Tomorrow night it's Michelin Star dining, Saturday is a really exciting Macaroon making course and from Monday I'll be joining a French cookery course for 8 weeks! Hopefully, I'll be inspired to write about more than cake....(maybe).

Happy voting!

Helen x

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