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>> Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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I'm going to get the weird and wonderful out of the way first.....This month I'm lusting after an Eglu. As a result of moving house, I think I'm having a typical woman 'nesting' reaction, though rather than children, it's chickens! An Eglu is an innovative chicken hutch (if Apple made hutches, they'd look like this), that comes with everything you need to start your own version of rural bliss. You get the hutch and the chickens, all they need is a little love and it's fresh eggs every day. I admit, they are not cheap (around £360), and at about £0.25 for a egg at the supermarket, your chickens would need to pop out almost 1500 golden globes to break even......but what price love?!

Returning to the slightly more normal...I've discovered http://www.todryfor.com/ this month. Home of a huge selection of exciting (!) tea towels. Really, drying dishes is quite the dullest activity and if a witty bit of fabric can add any fun to the occasion, I can justify the expense! My favourites are....

....I really love this sentiment....

....and finally for August, a really, really, really good secret site!!!!
http://www.achica.com/ is brilliant! It's a secret sale site, where end of season home products go on sale for about 48 hours (get it while you can...). It's members only, so you'll need to sign-up to join, but it's free to do so at the moment. They have some great brands including Le Creuset, Raymond Blanc, Marco Pierre White etc.... The discounts are amazing and you have to hold yourself back from buying it all..... but think of all the great new things you can cook with all of your new equipment!
That's all my pennies spent for this month.
If you're struggling to find anything, feel free to set me a shopping challenge at feedahappylife@yahoo.co.uk Helen x

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