The Monday Menu: Lebanese Feasting

>> Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm really excited to present the first of many 'Monday Menus'.

This week, I'm passionate about flavours and fragrance and aim to create dishes with evocative scents and fresh, punchy tastes.

I'm not experienced with Middle Eastern cuisine, so this is a straight-forward menu, with easy to obtain ingredients.

It's designed to be eaten with your hands, so expect and enjoy the messiness (accessorising with low tables and floor cushions optional!).


Lebanese Feasting

Starter: Home Made Cumin Flat Bread and Coriander Houmous

Main: Spicy Lamb Tart

Dessert: Sticky Cardamon Buns


Of course, now you'll be needing a shopping list to make sure you've got everything ready before you commence cooking! Click on the link below to find out what you need:

Recipes will be sent throughout the week. Don't forget to sign-up to e-mail updates to make it all super easy to get the new recipes and step-by-step photo guides sent straight to your inbox.

Happy cooking,
Helen x

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